Monthly Archives: May 2014

Hydrogel Scaffold With Self-Forming Fibers Highly Effective for Burn Wounds

Researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore developed a “nanogel” that’s excellent at promoting the healing of second and third degree burns in animal studies. The material is made out of peptide hydrogels that works like a scaffold within which cells can grow. When water is added to this scaffold, the peptides … Continue reading

3D Printed Hydrogel Seeded with Nanoparticles Filters Toxins Similar to Dialysis

PDA nanoparticles (green) are installed in PEGDA hydrogel matrix (grey) with liver-mimetic 3D structure fabricated by 3D printing. The nanoparticles attract, capture and sense toxins (red), while the 3D matrix with modified liver lobule structure allows toxins to be trapped efficiently. Nature Communications Engineered nanoparticles have the capacity to grab onto toxins, but evacuating them … Continue reading

Rice Thermogelling Hydrogel Turns Hard When Injected Into Body to Support Stem Cells (VIDEO)

Bones break and softer tissues get damaged in a variety of ways, but new technologies, especially patient-derived stem cell, can help restore them to a healthy state. Stem cells, while extremely competent at differentiating into target tissues, have to be delivered and kept at the therapy site long enough to do their thing. Researchers at Rice University developed … Continue reading