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Bacteria Coerced to 3D Print Nanocellulose Implants

In a quest to make more realistic, safer, and personalizable tissue replacement implants, bacterial cellulose nanofibers are being looked on as a viable material. They are naturally biocompatible, biodegradable, withstand heat well, and have physical properties similar to many of our tissues, when composed into larger objects. Bacterial cellulose nanofibers are produced by aerobic bacteria … Continue reading

Cardiomyocyte Molds to Improve Cardiac Cell Therapy

Researchers at Michigan Tech and Harvard Medical School have developed a new way to create cardiomyocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), for improved cardiac cell therapy. The team developed a culture mold that mimics the physiological conditions under which cardiomyocytes grow. When the team tested the molds, they found that the cells matured more … Continue reading

Diamond-coated 3D Printed Materials for Improved Medical Implants

Scientists at RMIT University in Australia have developed a new technique that allows them to coat 3D printed titanium objects with a layer of diamonds. The coating results in improved properties for medical implants, such as reduced bacterial attachment, enhanced proliferation of mammalian cells, and increased integration with living bone tissue. 3D printing is hugely … Continue reading

Peptide Hydrogel Promotes Tissue Growth to Heal Without Drugs

Rice University researchers studying how different drugs, proteins, and cells embedded in peptide hydrogel can boost healing and promote tissue formation, discovered that the hydrogel itself exhibits powerful therapeutic properties. Their self-assembling multidomain peptide (MDP) with the amino acid sequence K2(SL)6K2 can be injected into tissue to provide a place for new cells to grow, the … Continue reading

Artificial Photoreceptors Return Vision to Blind Mice

Blindness in many people is caused by diseased rod and cone cells within the retina that are responsible for turning light into electric signals. If these photoreceptor cells don’t function correctly, even an otherwise perfectly healthy eye won’t produce quality vision. There are technologies out there that bypass photoreceptors entirely, but that involves bulky technology … Continue reading

Soft Electronics for Long Term Neural Monitoring and Recording

Scientists at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Linköping University in Sweden, and Columbia and NYU in New York City, have developed a highly flexible soft electronic neural interface probe that can be stretched to twice its original length. The device is suitable for long-term neural recording, and could help clinicians to diagnose and monitor neurological conditions … Continue reading

3D Printed Patches with Living Cells Help to Overcome Tiny Blocked Vessels

Thrombotic blockages within blood vessels are a common health problem. When occlusions occur in large vessels, they can be relatively easy to deal with using wires, catheters, balloons, and stents. It is the smaller vasculature, which can be too narrow for intravascular instruments, that is currently nearly impossible to deal with. Researchers at the National … Continue reading

3D Jet Writing Creates Highly Porous Polymer Microtissue for Drug Screening

Researchers at University of Michigan have developed a device they call a 3D jet writer, which can print high-resolution polymer microtissues on a small scale, with appropriate pore sizes to allow cancer cell infiltration. The researchers hope that the printed tissues will allow them to study cancer metastasis and conduct drug screens to find new … Continue reading

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Purple Eva Hard Shell Protective Carrying case cover for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case / Kit by SumacLife

Purple Eva Hard Shell Protective Carrying case cover for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case / Kit by SumacLife Hard Shell Interior protects the contens from breaking or spilling and absorbs external impacts Built-in Mesh Pocket allows you to store multiple items inside worry-free Two built in safety straps hold down bulky items from moving Microfiber internal … Continue reading