Monthly Archives: June 2018

Magnetically Activated Micromachines to Operate Remotely Inside Body

There are a lot of diseases and conditions within the body that may be treated if only mechanical devices would be small enough and powered for long enough to do their job. Engineers at MIT have created a class of magnetically activated bug-like microdevices that may foreshadow remote-controlled surgical tools and externally powered heart-assist pumps. … Continue reading

Particles Made of Silk Protect Immune System Boosting Drugs to Fight Cancer

Peptides, or strings of amino acids, are being investigated as a way to help activate the immune system to fight cancer and other diseases. Delivering them into the interior of immune system’s cells is difficult because they’re easily broken apart by the body. Now a team of researchers from Switzerland and Germany have developed a … Continue reading

System for 3D Printing Bioengineered Muscles and Tendons

A team of Swiss researchers has developed a microplate system for printing engineered muscle and tendon tissue. The investigators were able to create a microwell plate that allows tissue to adhere to it and the system constantly monitors progress, screens the growth and selects the desired results. The system may end up being used for … Continue reading

Thermoresponsive Hydrogel Bandage Conforms to Wound Shape and Stimulates Healing

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a thermoresponsive hydrogel bandage. The hydrogel is liquid at room temperature, but changes into a semi-solid gel at body temperature when in contact with a wound, meaning it conforms to the wound shape. The gel contains an amino acid sequence that stimulates the body’s own healing process. The researchers … Continue reading