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What should physicians do when patients are racist?

16 Shares Share Tweet Share Our team is nearing the end of our call day when the ER pages us with one last admission. The ER attending starts with an apology — “I’m sorry,” she sighs, “this patient is a handful. He is homeless, belligerent, has a significant psychiatric history. He came in with ocular … Continue reading

Are penicillin allergies fake news?

50 Shares Share Tweet Share Penicillin allergies are fake news. More than 95 percent of people with penicillin allergies are not allergic.  A recent article highlighted the opportunity anethesiologists have in helping evaluate beta-lactam allergies, in particular to cephalosporins. The author was correct, these allergies are common and usually not real. Unfortunately, premedication with antihistamines as suggested … Continue reading

The growing role of end-of-life activists

101 Shares Share Tweet Share Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with grade 2 astrocytoma, a form of brain cancer on January 1, 2014, her cancer also returned in April 2014, where her diagnosis was elevated to grade 4 astrocytoma, also known as glioblastoma, with a prognosis of just six months to live. She decided to take lethal drugs prescribed … Continue reading

Knee Implant Sensor Generates Its Own Electricity

Total knee arthroplasties can be very effective at restoring comfortable, pain-free walking in many patients. One of the downsides of such procedures is that the implants that are used tend to wear out over time, particularly when exposed to too much use. While there are sensors able to provide information about the status of a … Continue reading

How a radiology trick can surprisingly help your finances

2 Shares Share Tweet Share One of the great teaching experiences in a young medical student or resident’s life is to be placed in front of his or her peers with an attending physician quizzing him or her on the spot about a particular patient. Often, when radiology imaging is involved, the said victim will … Continue reading

Why medical students should develop and increase self-awareness

17 Shares Share Tweet Share The most important piece of advice I can give to incoming medical students is to be vigilant about how you are feeling day-to-day and to be aware of your actions. As is often said, our personalities, the distinctive makeup that makes us who we are, are set in stone. If … Continue reading

“P” stands for physician

86 Shares Share Tweet Share Medical practice in England in the 1500s was poorly regulated, and there was no way to distinguish between various medical practitioners. A small group of distinguished physicians petitioned King Henry VIII to form a College to grant licenses to those qualified to practice medicine and to penalize charlatans. King Henry … Continue reading

A story of treatment failure and end-of-life decisions

50 Shares Share Tweet Share Part 4 of a series. By the time my father’s metastatic prostate cancer was diagnosed, he was already experiencing symptoms of poor appetite and weight loss, which grew progressively worse following his first hospital admission. As his nutritional status continued to decline, the protein level in his blood decreased, causing significant … Continue reading

The problem with high-potency marijuana

243 Shares Share Tweet Share Advocates for the legalization of medical and retail marijuana are quick to point out all the possible benefits that a community might see from such a venture. These include increased jobs, increased tax revenue, possible medical benefits and they advertise it as “safe” and “healthy” and “organic.” Many people who … Continue reading

Male physicians don’t have to choose between family or career

132 Shares Share Tweet Share “Didn’t you just have a baby? When are you going to stop?” Those words weren’t directed to me but to a colleague by a patient’s parent who was frustrated that they wouldn’t be able to see her for follow-up. Yet, they could have easily been uttered by another physician in … Continue reading