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Gaming’s #MeToo Moment and the Tyranny of Male Fragility

The videogames industry is having its #MeToo moment, and the backlash against it has been fast and brutal. Developers and creators are bravely going public about decades of exploitation, including at the hands of respected figures who have contributed to beloved franchises. The response has been moral outrage—not that there’s an epidemic of men hurting… Continue reading

Even in the #MeToo era, survivors struggle to get help

Image: lorenzoantonucci / Getty Images/ iStockphoto By Rebecca Ruiz2019-08-01 09:30:00 UTC Since the #MeToo movement went viral in 2017, stories about sexual assault and abuse have made regular headlines. Nearly two years later, such traumatic experiences remain ever-present in the media, as new disclosures emerge and dominate our conversations about politics and pop culture.  The… Continue reading