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New 3D Printing Technique Makes Custom Implants Mimicking Real Bone Tissue

The articular cartilage, which forms the outer, smooth surface of the ends of bones, is often damaged during injuries. These osteochondral injuries are exceedingly common in athletes, often leading to an unexpected end of a sports career. Researchers at Rice University have now developed a way to 3D print scaffolds on top of which bone … Continue reading

Knee Implant Sensor Generates Its Own Electricity

Total knee arthroplasties can be very effective at restoring comfortable, pain-free walking in many patients. One of the downsides of such procedures is that the implants that are used tend to wear out over time, particularly when exposed to too much use. While there are sensors able to provide information about the status of a … Continue reading

Cold Plasma Treated Biodegradable 3D Printed Ortho Implants

Orthopedic implants used to repair damaged and diseased bones and joints typically have a complex structure below the surface that helps native tissues grow into and secure the implants. In addition to this, surface treatments are often applied to even further improve the effectiveness of the implants. These surface treatments, just as the name implies, … Continue reading

3D-Printed Ceramic Implants Help Regrow Bone

Researchers at NYU have developed 3D-printed ceramic implants that dissolves slowly, allowing bone to grow in their place. The implants can be tailored to mimic the shape of the missing bone, and are chemically-coated to stimulate bone growth. The research team hopes that the technology will be useful for patients with non-healing bone defects. At … Continue reading

Silk-Based Polymer to Help Repair Damaged Bones

University of Connecticut researchers have created a new orthopedic material for fixing bones that’s made out of spider silk, itself one of the world’s strongest natural materials. While silk fibroin, the protein in silk that gives it strength, is already in use in sutures and other medical devices, this is the first time it was … Continue reading

Diamond-coated 3D Printed Materials for Improved Medical Implants

Scientists at RMIT University in Australia have developed a new technique that allows them to coat 3D printed titanium objects with a layer of diamonds. The coating results in improved properties for medical implants, such as reduced bacterial attachment, enhanced proliferation of mammalian cells, and increased integration with living bone tissue. 3D printing is hugely … Continue reading

High-Strength Artificial Cartilage Made from Kevlar

Researchers at the University of Michigan and Jiangnan University in China have developed a type of artificial cartilage using Kevlar, a synthetic fiber better-known for its use in bullet-proof vests, and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), a material used in hydrogel cartilage replacements. The new hybrid material combines the strength and water content of natural cartilage, and … Continue reading

3D Printed Cartilage Made of Hydrogels Mimic Strength, Flexibility of Knee’s Meniscus

The 3-D-printable hydrogel flows like water when placed under shear stress, such as when being squeezed through a small needle. But as soon as the stress is gone, the hydrogel immediately hardens into its printed shape. Credit: Feichen Yang Worn out cartilage in the knees is a major cause of disability and once it’s worn … Continue reading