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Smart Fabric Can Sense Motion to Help Physical Therapy Patients to Optimize Recovery

Researchers at Dartmouth College have developed a low-cost motion-sensing fabric that physical therapy patients can wear on their arm. The fabric can provide patients with feedback about the most appropriate arm angles to take in order to help accelerate recovery. It also allows clinicians to test an injured patient’s recovery and the effectiveness of physical … Continue reading

Innovative Skin to Electrically Power Prosthetic Devices

Powered prosthetic devices need a great deal of electricity to energize them throughout the day. Researchers at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have developed a combination electronic “skin” that can generate and store electricity for prosthetic devices. The technology consists of layers of a finely tuned graphite-polyurethane composite covered by graphene, a material only … Continue reading

New E-Skin Nearly as Sensitive as Real One

At Stanford University researchers have created an electronic skin that is sensitive enough to give robotic hands the ability to handle delicate berries. Though mostly intended for robotic hands, the technology may give powered prostheses similar capabilities. The e-skin can measure slight pressures and even the direction in which they’re applied, which gives enough information … Continue reading

Mechanical Devices Without Any Electronics Self-Report Usage to The Internet

Mechanical devices, particularly 3D printed ones, don’t have much room for electronics and so they remain “dumb” in many ways. Electronics need a power source and integrating them within moving components that are already complex can create greater difficulties. Engineers at the University of Washington have now developed a simple way to make devices, such … Continue reading