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How social media can help or hurt your health care career

8 Shares Share Tweet Share This article is sponsored by Careers by We live in a time when social media isn’t just about sharing pictures or ideas with a close circle of friends and family. Between our Facebook statuses, our Twitter profiles and especially our LinkedIn pages, we are always public, all the time — no matter what … Continue reading

8 reasons why Instagram is important in medicine

45 Shares Share Tweet Share I started sharing my journey through medicine on Instagram about four years ago after I failed the musculoskeletal block during my first year of medical school. I felt alone in my struggles and didn’t want anyone else to feel that way. So I started talking about it openly. It quickly … Continue reading

HIPAA case studies: misguided mistakes and egregious errors

2 Shares Share Tweet Share An excerpt from Tweets, Likes,and Liabilities: Online and Electronic Risk to the Healthcare Professional. When it comes to HIPAA violations, there are, sadly, plenty of examples available to serve as cautionary tales. Some seem like innocent mistakes that just about anyone could make. Others are so egregious that those involved appear … Continue reading

How social media can advance humanism in medicine

17 Shares Share Tweet Share “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow. The New York Times recently published the op-ed “Dr. Google is a Liar,” written by cardiologist Haider Warraich, MD. Dr. Warraich describes the rise of fake medical news and … Continue reading

Physicians who don’t play the social media game may be left behind

2 Shares Share Tweet Share The internet truly is a wondrous invention. It has evened the playing field with a wide swath of people now having access to information that used to be possessed in the hands of only the elite few not too long ago. However, as with most things, there can be downsides … Continue reading

A call to clinicians: Contrary to what you’ve been taught, use social media

17 Shares Share Tweet Share From the beginning of medical school, one of the first things “instructional videos” that we had to watch during orientation was about “social media” and what “not to do.” There began this stigma, and it was frowned upon to use social media if you were a clinician. There are the … Continue reading

Digital advances in the medical aid in dying movement

2 Shares Share Tweet Share I am certain that many of you might be familiar with the intelligent, vibrant young lady named Brittany Maynard. Brittany’s story was so compelling to the world that it reached the most outstanding and historic numbers through digital media. Ms. Maynard was only 29, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and … Continue reading

A physician’s addiction to social media

3 Shares Share Tweet Share For Apple iPhone users, the release of iOS 12 included a new feature called “Screen Time.” Although a number of productivity apps that offered a similar snapshot of phone usage were available before this update, I was never interested in quantifying my usage. Now, on a weekly basis, I get … Continue reading

Should residency programs review their applicants’ social media history?

21 Shares Share Tweet Share By now, I’m sure most of you probably have heard about the Cleveland Clinic first-year resident who was fired last September when it became known that in 2012 she had tweeted she would “purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds …” The website Canary Mission documented numerous tweets expressing similar thoughts. She … Continue reading

Academic media: Don’t criticize your colleagues for “dumbing it down”

4 Shares Share Tweet Share Are you a media whore? Or do you worry you might be labeled one by your colleagues – if not to your face, then behind your back? In the process of delivering hundreds of media engagement workshops, I’ve heard dozens and dozens of you express this fear, using precisely this … Continue reading