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Carefully consider every aspect of the integration of AI into health care

3 Shares Share Tweet Share AI, artificial intelligence, is all the rage right now in medical news media. And this has many practicing physicians, even medical students, concerned. Will AI make diagnose heavy specialties such as dermatology and radiology obsolete? Can AI give rise to new medical specialties? How many tasks traditionally done by doctors … Continue reading

Knowing how artificial intelligence works empowers clinicians to be at the forefront of using it

5 Shares Share Tweet Share Physicians and other health care professionals are uniquely suited to understand artificial intelligence. They’ve studied or routinely use mathematics, data analysis, and algorithms. They comprehend pattern recognition, decision trees, rules-based systems, and statistics. These are the very components of AI.  Perhaps the only thing our premed and medical training didn’t … Continue reading

Will blockchain become the coin of the medical realm?

0 Shares Share Tweet Share First, there was Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that utilizes blockchain, a decentralized system of data collection and transactions that we are told will defy hacking. (Wasn’t the Titanic said to be unsinkable?) We read that cryptocurrency and other blockchain functions will be a societal gamechanger, much like the internet was when … Continue reading

Understanding 6 trends shaping health care through gastroenterology

2 Shares Share Tweet Share If you throw a pebble today, it’s likely to land on an article that talks about how artificial intelligence and its brother — machine learning — are changing health care. Yes, I get it broadly. But I was curious to explore how exactly health care’s trends are shaping a single … Continue reading

How telemedicine is increasing diversity in clinical trials

32 Shares Share Tweet Share An important part of advancing medical research and drug development is making participation in clinical trials easier and more inclusive. To develop treatments that work on men, women, and children of all ages and different ethnicities we need to have clinical trial data that represents our diverse population. Right now, … Continue reading

What if EMRs can never capture the clinical experience?

14 Shares Share Tweet Share Apocryphal story from residency: On morning rounds in the critical care unit, the post-call resident starts to present a complicated patient admitted overnight with chest pain, and after the first bits of the history have been presented, the wise old cardiology attending turns to the gathered medical students who are … Continue reading

The truth about artificial intelligence in medicine

13 Shares Share Tweet Share For many months, artificial intelligence has been in my peripheral vision, just sitting there, ignored by me because it seemed too far in the future to be interesting now. And then, there were all these terms — Big Data, machine learning, data science — which circled the subject and, frankly, … Continue reading

How telemedicine can help patients and solve physician burnout

273 Shares Share Tweet Share I have been practicing telemedicine successfully for four years. In 2015, I had to beg doctors to work in telemedicine. Because so many doctors were wary of it, I started to get licensed in multiple states, and now, I have 15 state licenses. Well, what a difference a few years … Continue reading

Apple, PC, HD, DM: No, we’re talking about health care

3 Shares Share Tweet Share I was in the hospital when I heard the word “apple.”  Without hesitating, I reached into my pocket to see if I had my phone.  But the person speaking was referring to the fruit, not the product.  This got me thinking: “Has technology and our products now become more important … Continue reading

A new health care dawn is coming

9 Shares Share Tweet Share At some point in my career, I had the crazy idea that if I could scale the patient-centric work I was doing in my community at a small rural hospital — then I could make more of an impact. This is why, when a technology company came calling, dangling a … Continue reading