Lice Sisters Lice Cure and antisepsis Package, Giant – Nit Glue Dissolver, rebuff Lice antisepsis Spray and Comb for Nit and Lice loose Hair Critiques

Lice Sisters Lice Treatment and Prevention Kit, Large – Nit Glue Dissolver, Repel Lice Prevention Spray and Comb for Nit and Lice Free Hair

Lice Sisters Lice Treatment and Prevention Kit, Large - Nit Glue Dissolver, Repel Lice Prevention Spray and Comb for Nit and Lice Free Hair

  • COMPLETE KIT: Includes 6 oz. bottle of Nit Glue Dissolver spray, 2 oz. bottle of Repel Lice Prevention leave-in spray and specialty stainless steel fine-toothed lice comb
  • KILLS LICE IN MINUTES: Non-toxic Nit Glue Dissolver spray kills lice in minutes and breaks down the glue that bonds eggs to the hair shaft
  • RELIABLE NIT REMOVAL: Fine-toothed comb has state of the art micro-grooving which provides the best possible nit removal; Comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee
  • PREVENTS FUTURE INFESTATIONS: Repel Lice Prevention leave-in spray helps keep lice at bay during group events, summer camp, overnights and birthday parties
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED: Developed by professional chemists and lice technicians; Works faster and more consistently than other lice treatments

The Lice Sisters Lice Treatment and Prevention Kit is the most reliable and comprehensive way to keep your family free from pesky lice and nits. Together, the dissolver spray, leave-in prevention spray and fine-toothed comb work as a system to help eliminate and prevent the return of lice.

Lice Sisters is owned and operated by professional lice technicians. After years of experience helping families permanently treat lice, they struggled with the fact that existing lice treatments just weren’t fast or effective enough. So, they hired chemists to develop a revolutionary new product – the only lice treatment that works consistently and faster than other products on the market.

The specially formulated non-toxic Nit Glue Dissolver is a safe and natural way to eradicate stubborn lice. In just minutes, it helps loosen the glue that adheres lice eggs and nits to hair shafts for easier lice removal. Plus, it has a push safety lock for leak-free storage when not in use.

After applying the glue dissolver, use the stainless steel lice comb to remove nits and eggs. The long micro-grooved teeth are gentle on the scalp and surround individual hair shafts, pulling dead lice and lice debris up from the scalp. After sterilization in boiling water, the comb can be reused time and time again.

Once all lice have been removed, help prevent future outbreaks with our Repel Lice Prevention leave-in spray. It’s a great way to proactively protect your family at school events, family get-togethers, group athletic activities, sleepovers and other commonly infected places.

This holistic system has everything you’ll need to find, treat and prevent future lice and nit infestations. Order yours today and enjoy one of the most comprehensive lice treatments available on the market!
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