Fairyfox Cup Menstrual adjust of two Cups, for 1 transport Luggage (giant, 1 Purple&1 Pink) Evaluations

Fairyfox Cup Menstrual Set of 2 Cups, With 1 Carry Bags (large, 1 Purple&1 Pink)

Fairyfox Cup Menstrual Set of 2 Cups, With 1 Carry Bags (large, 1 Purple&1 Pink)

  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Live the extremely empowering and liberating experience of not having to depend on your period any more. Swim, hike, work, travel, sleep a whole night through. BE FREE to choose whatever you want to do, without having to constantly worry about time or the vicinity of a lavatory. You will totally forget you are on your period and literally get back a week of your life every month!
  • BEST PRODUCT EVER! This Fantastic Innovation will completely turn around your attitude towards your period – you’ll only have to change your Fairyfox Cup 2-3 times a day, depending on flow. That means you can pretty much always empty and clean it in the comfort and privacy of your home…and once you know how to place the Lola Cup properly, you wont feel it at all. You wont even know or care you are having your period any more!
  • THE INVENTION OF A LIFETIME! Stop using inferior caveman technology to deal with your monthly flow. Fairyfox Cup is much more comfortable and safe than tampons and pads as there is no external friction causing itching or rashes, no harmful chemicals responsible for headaches and cramps, no concern of TSS, no smell, no leakage, no telltale period symptoms whatsoever! Fairyfox Cup will make your life a lot easier and carefree!
  • GREAT VALUE! GET 2 PREMIUM FAIRYFOX CUPS at an extremely favorable price! Fairyfox Cup is made from BPA free, 100% MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE and dyes that preserve your health…plus, having 2 Fairyfox Cups means you will always have a spare, sterilized cup, when needed, rather than reusing one that has only been rinsed and wiped dry. Improve your overall personal hygiene and reproductive health by trusting Fairyfox Cup!
  • WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY! This revolutionary product will pay for itself several times over…and you wont be adding to landfills, every month, with disposable products – Don’t end up regretting that you didn’t start using Fairyfox Cup earlier. Buy it now and you will be impressed by the readily life-changing results!

Feel nothing when you wear a menstruation cup.

You never know you can feel so free during your menstruation period until

you try a Fairyfox Cup menstruation cup. Tampons are absorbing, they not only absorb

menstrual blood, but also the natural vaginal fluids that keep you healthy and moist, and the

string Usually gets wet when you pee. Disposable

feminine pads are like a constant reminder that you are in an inconvenient time of the month.

Wearing a menstruation cup rarely leaks.

Unlike tampons and pads, when a menstrual cup is properly inserted, it rarely

leaks. To ensure a proper seal, make sure you follow the instructions in the

package! We also send out follow up emails with helpful tips, if you have any

questions, simply reply to any email that we send you.

Fairyfox Cup menstruation cups are not too soft, not to firm.

When a menstrual cup is too soft, it may not stay open properly, and causes

leakage; when it is too firm, it may cause discomfort. Luna Cup menstrual

cups are just right!

Run, dance, swim, do whatever you like without the inconvenience.

Unlike tampons and pads that you usually have to change 3, 4 times a day, you

can wear a cup up to 12 hours, depending on your flow, usually you just need

to empty it once a day, then rinse it, and insert it again! It is recommended to

remove it at least once a day.

Made with 100% Medical Grade Silicone.

Packing includ:

1 x Carry Bag

2 x Menstrual cups

6 x Disposable finger gloves

List Price: $ 32.99 Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0755V3FCQ”]
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