Yuuki Menstrual Cup and Infuser Box Set – Large Soft

Yuuki Menstrual Cup and Infuser Box Set – Large Soft

Yuuki Menstrual Cup and Infuser Box Set - Large Soft

  • Silicone 100%
  • Avoid chemical loaded tampons
  • Larger than regular menstrual cups
  • Classic and Soft option (30% softer)
  • Keeps you comfortable day and night

Supported by the strictest European test (often stricter than US FDA test), YUUKI is a reusable menstrual cup that collects your menstrual blood flow. Tampons, who contain Chlorine, BPA and BPS which are linked to heart disease and cancer, absorb your blood and your natural vaginal moisture resulting in period discomfort, dryness and itchiness. The YUUKI menstrual cup allows your natural fluids to retain their normal flow and only collects your blood so you can stay moist and comfortable. Stay active with a YUUKI menstrual cup for many hours. It works for all ages, types of women and offers comfort throughout your period. When placed correctly you will not feel any sensation from the cup or stem (which can be cut to the desired length), nor will it leak. The YUUKI menstrual cup can contain more fluids than regular menstrual cups and do not have an structure on the outside, which can irritate the internal soft female tissue. The YUUKI cup has been recognized as the most comfortable menstrual cup on the market by professional bloggers. Save time and money now, by using a YUUKI menstrual cup for many years. It is a one time purchase and avoids monthly purchases of tampons. the cup comes with an Infuser Box. This box can be used for cup disinfection. Simply put in the microwave oven with some water for 5-6 minutes. The YUUKI cup comes in 2 sizes. Size 1 is smaller one designed for girls and women before childbirth. Size 2 is designed for all women after childbirth. For women having a regular sex life and for women older 28 years. To accurately determine the size of the cup for every woman needs is unfortunately not possible as the comfort depends on several factors. If you are unsure, we recommend that you buy a large cup. We also offer 2 grades of softness. The YUUKI Soft menstrual cup is about 30 % softer than Classic.
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