ProFresh Oral Rinse – 2 Month Maintenance Kit – 4 Bottle Box Reviews

ProFresh Oral Rinse – 2 Month Maintenance Kit – 4 Bottle Box

ProFresh Oral Rinse - 2 Month Maintenance Kit - 4 Bottle Box

  • GUARANTEED to Remove 99.9% of bad breath and plaque forming bacteria
  • PATENTED FORMULA – Activated Molecular Chlorine Dioxide technology
  • ADDITIVE FREE – No added flavors, colors, or fragrences.
  • ALCOHOL FREE bacteria Removal Technology
  • 2-MONTH SUPPLY – 4 Bottles of ProFresh Oral Rinse (16.9oz/500ml) with Activator Pacs

This ProFresh Maintenance Kit includes a 2-month supply of ProFresh Oral Rinse (4, 16.9oz bottles). Using ProFresh Oral Rinse twice-a-day, reduces dental plaque and delivers fresh breath 24 hours a day. Rinsing with ProFresh, before normal brushing and flossing, provides you with a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Developed by Dentists. Perfected by Science: ProFresh, is the clinically proven 99.9% effective cure for bad breath and halitosis. ProFresh doesn’t cover-up bad breath, it removes bad breath at the source. ProFresh’s patented molecular chlorine dioxide formula, neutralizes bacteria and oral biofilms that contain odor causing Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs). These bacteria and biofilms not only cause bad breath (VSCs), but also dental plaque, which causes tooth decay, gingivitis, and other more serious dental diseases. Using ProFresh ensures that you not only have fresh breath, but also a superior level of oral hygiene. Alcohol and Additive Free: ProFresh Oral Rinse is alcohol free, so it won’t dry out your mouth. It also does not contain added flavors or colors. The ProFresh patented formula is so effective that it neutralizes any added ingredients, the same way it neutralizes bad breath. What’s more, flavors and sweeteners only provide a temporary bad breath cover-up, and can cause bad breath as they wear off. ProFresh is not a bad breath cover-up, it’s a clinically proven oral hygiene treatment. With ProFresh, you have nothing to lose but your bad breath.
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