Extremely Skinny Cotton Panty Liners for Ladies by proverb (Mild): one hundred% Cotton Female Menstrual Safeguard for Touchy Epidermis – Chlorine set free, Chemical set free

Ultra Thin Cotton Panty Liners for Women by Maxim (Light): 100% Cotton Feminine Menstrual Protection for Sensitive Skin – Chlorine Free, Chemical Free

Ultra Thin Cotton Panty Liners for Women by Maxim (Light): 100% Cotton Feminine Menstrual Protection for Sensitive Skin - Chlorine Free, Chemical Free

  • SOFT COTTON MEETS POWERFUL PROTECTION: Our Ultra Thin Panty Liners are made with only 100% cotton and the latest in ion odor and irritation protection. That means no added synthetics or wood pulp, and absolutely no chemicals or fragrances. Designed for light flow days, or when you just need a little extra coverage, you’ll forget you have these discreet ultra thin liners on at all. Naturally hypoallergenic, Maxim is soft protection for women who care about their health and the environment.
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT AND MOVE WITH YOU: Our ultra-thin design stays firmly in place all day, without being bulky or shifting. We designed our 100% cotton liners to be comfortable and discreet. So you never need to worry if your pad is staying put. They are also individually wrapped for your carrying convenience.
  • 100% COTTON – SAFE AND NATURAL: Other “natural” hygiene brands often use cheap, harsh wood pulp as filler instead of real cotton. Maxim products never use any dyes, chlorine, chemicals, or sneaky wood pulp materials. Every layer of our panty liners is simple, safe, and naturally hypoallergenic, to give you clean, itch-free, breathable confidence all day long.
  • COMMITTED TO EMPOWERING WOMEN: Maxim is a long-time advocate of legislation and education around healthy menstruation practices. We believe opening up the conversation about feminine hygiene products can help level the gender playing field in many aspects of life such as health, hygiene, education and careers.
  • PROTECT YOUR BODY, PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT: 100% organic cotton with no chemicals or fragrances means fewer pesticides used in the fields, and fewer toxic chemicals leaking from landfills into local topsoil or water tables. Less chemicals is not only healthier for your skin, it’s healthier for the world.

The Pure Softness of Cotton

Like you, we love the comfort and breathability of cotton, and we don’t want any harmful or irritating chemicals like chlorine or perfume touching our skin. But when you’re shopping for feminine hygiene products, there aren’t many chemical-free, organic options. That’s exactly why we designed our 100% organic cotton panty liners, to give women a healthier choice. Cotton is an amazing plant: breathable, comfortable, and naturally hypoallergenic. Our Ultra Thin Panty Liners are nothing but cotton-no hidden fillers or fragrances. Reduce chafing and irritation with our extra soft top layer. Feel confident that your liner is staying put with a design made to fit your form. It’s 100% safe, 100% natural, and you’ll feel fresh and clean all day.

100% Cotton Makes a Difference

We’re proud to offer hygiene products that set the standard for clean and natural body care. Other natural lines may be chlorine-free, but they often contain layers of cheap wood pulp filler that can cause irritation. Maxim uses only 100% natural chlorine-free cotton, which is hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft.

Pioneering the Market for Change

Ten years ago, Maxim became the first company in the US to offer a full range of 100% cotton feminine products. Since then, we’ve been empowering women not just through products but through legislation to support healthy menstruation hygiene. From preventing toxic shock syndrome to abolishing the “tampon tax,” we believe an open conversation can save lives and raise awareness for gender equity issues.

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