Sims Anti-Loud night breathing neglect Aids (three-Pack) Discontinue Loud night breathing Chin Strap, Mouthguard, and Nostril Helps Mouth Respiration Aspect or Again Guys and Ladies Adjustable

Sims Anti-Snoring Sleep Aids (3-Pack) Stop Snoring Chin Strap, Mouthguard, and Nose Vents | Supports Mouth Breathing Side or Back Sleepers | Men and Women | Adjustable

Sims Anti-Snoring Sleep Aids (3-Pack) Stop Snoring Chin Strap, Mouthguard, and Nose Vents | Supports Mouth Breathing Side or Back Sleepers | Men and Women | Adjustable

  • COMPLETE STOP SNORING NIGHT SUPPORT – The Sims Snore Relieve pack comes with everything men and women need to breathe a little easier and to stop snoring, including an adjustable chin strap, bite and mold mouthguard, and nose vents.
  • ENJOY DEEPER, MORE RELAXING SLEEP – These snoring aids are designed to help keep the mouth and throat properly aligned to help air pass through more efficiently, helping to reduce snoring that can interrupt light, REM, and deep sleep cycles.
  • BREATHABLE, NEOPRENE CHIN STRAP – The flexible, form-fitting anti-snore chin strap is lightweight, adjusts to fit men and women comfortably, and helps reduce teeth cleaning and tooth grinding while providing customized tension.
  • BITE AND MOLD NIGHTLY MOUTHGUARD – Crafted with BPA-free, food-grade safe silicone, our anti-snoring mouthpiece can be boiled in water to soften and give you a customized fit that helps reduce teeth grinding and moves the jaw forward safely.
  • FLEXIBLE NOSE VENTS – Small snore nasal dilators, these comfortable nose plugs insert safely into the nostrils to help open up your nose while your mouth is kept closed, giving you deeper, more restful breaths throughout the night.

Feel focused and rejuvenated after a better night’s rest with the Sims anti-snoring chin strap!

Snoring is not only rough on your partner as they lay next to you, it causes your body to constantly “wake up” and break your natural sleep cycle. This can have a major negative impact on how you feel in the morning and your focus throughout the day; more importantly, it can be very tough on your health.

That’s why we created the Sims Snore Relief sleep aid pack that comes with everything you need to improve your air flow, breathe a little easier, and make getting a good night’s rest better for everyone. Complete with an adjustable, neoprene chin strap that keeps the mouth closed, a mouth guard that can be customized to your bite and moves the jaw slightly forward to improve air flow in the back of the throat, and flexible nose vent that open up your nostrils, it’s the best set for men and women looking to rest a little easier and feel a whole lot better when it’s time to start the day.

Product Details:

  • Complete Anti-Snoring Snore Relief Pack (3-Piece Set)
  • Safe, Supportive Comfort
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap (Chin Strap)
  • Boil, Bite, and Mold Mouthguard
  • Unisex (Men and Women)
  • Easy to Use at Home or On the Go

Order Includes:

  • Anti-Snoring Chin Strap
  • Bite and Mold Mouthpiece
  • Nasal Dilator Nose Vents

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