STOP SNORING Anti Loud night breathing drowse Help Gadget. 2-in-1 Answer Together with Mouth keeper for tooth grinding and Nostril Vents to Improve Airflow

STOP SNORING Anti Snoring Sleep Aid Device. 2-in-1 Solution Including Mouth Guard for teeth grinding and Nose Vents to Increase Airflow

STOP SNORING Anti Snoring Sleep Aid Device. 2-in-1 Solution Including Mouth Guard for teeth grinding and Nose Vents to Increase Airflow

  • ❤️ RELIEVES Snoring and Teeth Grinding. Our Custom Mouth Guard molds easily to fit the unique shape of your teeth and gums. The tray is designed to keep your lower jaw in a slightly forward position. This opens the airway and eliminates vibrations called snoring. The Guard also allows for natural jaw movement and protects your teeth from grinding.
  • ❤️ MADE from Soft, food grade, Silicone EVA material
  • ❤️ IMPROVES sleep quality for you and your sleep deprived partner. Now you and your partner can get the rest you deserve and wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day.
  • ❤️ BOOSTS energy during day. This 2-in-1 anti snoring solution is effective to stop disruptive snoring. With an improved sleep quality, you will notice a boost in energy level throughout the day.
  • ❤️ NATURAL and reusable. The Anti-Snoring Nose Vents are natural, comfortable and reusable. They gently widen the nostrils to ensure that there is less airway resistance in the nose which helps with nasal breathing issues. With 4 sizes to choose from, you are guaranteed a comfortable fit for the unique shape and size of your nose.

Stop Annoying SNORING Instantly.


  • ✅Relieves Snoring and Teeth Grinding.
  • ✅Helps with breathing by increasing airflow to assist in relieving stuffy nose created by Rhinitis, pollen and dust allergy.
  • ✅Improves sleep quality. Boosts energy during daytime from a good night’s rest.
  • ✅Improves rest for sleep-deprived partners.
  • ✅Safe, Soft, food grade, silicone EVA material.
  • ✅FDA approved and BPA Free. Fits in a handy travel case.
  • ✅4 Nose vents – Small, medium, large, extra large 2-in-1 treatment


How to use your BettaSleep Mouth Guard

  1. Insert the blue handle into holes in the front, and place in a container with the handle sticking up
  2. Fill container with boiling water until mouth guard is fully submerged
  3. Keep the mouth guard in the water for about 15-25 seconds then remove the mouth guard from the container using the blue handle. Gently shake off the
    excess water
  4. For the best fit, insert the mouth guard into your mouth in front of a mirror. First, position the mouthpiece onto your lower jaw, and bring your upper jaw
    down carefully into position. With a firm bite, move your lower jaw forward by 3-5mm and bite down. Make sure to use both index fingers to press the mouth
    guard around the front and sides to create a tight mold of your teeth and gum line
  5. Remove from mouth and rinse under cold water for the mold to set. Shake off the excess water and remove the handle.  Mouth Guard is now ready for use.

How to use your BettaSleep Nose Vents

  • Select a size that fits your nose
  • Insert gently into nose until the cones are no longer visible.
  • The bridge connecting both cones should rest against your nose columella or subnasale area of your nose.
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