SleepWell Professional Adjustable Discontinue Loud night breathing Chin Strap (sullen, Matches Most)

SleepWell Pro Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap (Black, Fits Most)

SleepWell Pro Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap (Black, Fits Most)

  • Stop Snoring Tonight! – Scientifically Engineered to Provide Instant Snore Relief.
  • Non Itchy Solution For Ultimate Comfort, Soft Material Gently Caresses Your Jaw & Head.
  • SleepWell Pro’s Best Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap Edition to Date. Built with Soft, Stretchy Material that Keeps the Mouth Shut.
  • Wake Up Feeling Terrific! Designed to Give you the Best Sleep EVER with Adjustable Velcro.
  • Most Restful Sleep of Your Life! Our CPAP Strap is 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed.

SleepWell Pro’s Anti-Snoring headband has been clinically tested and proven to improve sleep quality. It aids in extending the REM phase, so wearers wake rested and refreshed while keeping their natural sleeping positions overnight. Scroll up to see how is it is to wear for both men and women. No more waking up with a dry mouth and throat! The one piece chinstrap is designed to hold the jaw in a stable position and prevent air flow through the mouth, allowing you and your loved ones to sleep easy! Order yours today and be on your way to sweeter dreams! When you wear a chin strap before sleeping, it acts like a sling that serves to hold your jaw firmly in place. Thanks to this, the mouth stays closed and this forward position of the jaw reduces the risk of the tongue and throat tissues falling back to block the airways. The end result – there is no snoring.
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