ELEFT Guys’s Peak Improve In Sock Insoles Blue

ELEFT Men’s Height Increase In Sock Insoles Blue

ELEFT Men's Height Increase In Sock Insoles Blue

  • SECRET HEIGHT INCREASING 4cm mold heel up, 2 cm net lift. the insoles can be worn in the sock completely invisible, secret and comfortable.Invisible&Natural
  • 4Ddesign of the insoles with 3D surface and deep U-Heel can steady heels,keep calcaneus neutrally
  • According to ergonomic principles the shoe inserts’best slope transition design can reduce fatigue and discomfort caused by heel up 2.0cm
  • Professional lightest EVA material of insoles with comfortable surface and massage points,relief feet fatigue and give you better feeling.
  • The feet soles are designed to fit shoes of all sizes, fit any kinds of shoes for women and man.

Function:Arch Support,Height Increasing
Advantage:1.Arch support:According to ergonomic principles to provide reasonable arch height and best slope to have your fatigue, pressure and discomfort disappear.2.U-cup heel:Effectively steady your heels in correct position so that can relieve pressure against walking.3.The insoles adopt arch support U-shaped heel cup and  slope radian to effectively provide you 2cm heighten.dopt arch support U-shaped heel cup and  slope radian to effectively provide you 2cm heighten.4.Air sole for ultimate comfort – wear all them all day long Reduces knees and back pressure when walking.5.Enhance blood circulation, reduce muscular aches and pains, shock-absorbing after use it.
Brand:Foreign language name:ELEFT
Definition :ELEFT Group’s first flagship brand
Research direction : human body mechanics, ankle correction
Goal :leading the foot care market

ELEFT is ELEFT Group’s first flagship brand, they study ergonomics, foot and ankle correction and foot disease prevention for many years,and maintain good cooperation with many of the world’s leading professional foot care institutions and developed the hundreds of classic series of foot Care products,including foot scrub, foot care cream, foot moisturizer and other products,and the most common and important products in daily life–insoles.
Besides, ELEFT attaches great importance to the product whether can satisfied customer,and whether can give customers a new foot experience, so ELEFT has a professional service team, which patiently inquires the customer’s condition, the service team will give customers the most professional and accurate recommendations as well as the customers can buy their own products that can solve practical problems to the greatest extent !Nowadays, ELEFT’s products have been listed and sold simultaneously in the country Wal-Mart, Manning, FamilyMart and other stores as well as brand chain stores .
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