★meed★ Candida whiten Complicated for Guys/Ladies ★ Fights Candida Yeast Contamination & Overgrowth ★ Herbal Detox Complement with Antifungal Cleaner Herbs, Oregano&Caprylic Acid For Fungus Evaluations

★Premium★ Candida Cleanse Complex for Men/Women ★ Fights Candida Yeast Infection & Overgrowth ★ Natural Detox Supplement with Antifungal Cleaner Herbs, Oregano&Caprylic Acid For Fungus

★Premium★ Candida Cleanse Complex for Men/Women ★ Fights Candida Yeast Infection & Overgrowth ★ Natural Detox Supplement with Antifungal Cleaner Herbs, Oregano&Caprylic Acid For Fungus

  • ELIMINATES YEAST: If you struggle with candida overgrowth or yeast infections, our Candida Complex will help eliminate this buildup by starving it out and replacing it with healthy nutrients.
  • DETOXIFIES THE BODY: Candida Complex works with your digestive tract by cleansing and detoxifying the body of toxins, chemicals, Candida and yeast. This is especially important to your gut and digestive tract which are breeding grounds for these problems.
  • PREVENTS FLARE-UPS: Our Candida overgrowth treatment features an all-natural blend of powerful yeasts and nutrients so you receive maximum potency and efficiency. And because it works at the cellular level, your immune system will gain the power to prevent yeast and fungal infections from reoccurring.
  • 100% SAFE AND FDA APPROVED FACILITY – All Alice Food supplements are Made in USA at a GMP Certified, FDA inspected and approved facility. You can be completely confident that Alice Foods manufacturing processes are designed to give top priority to your health such that you only benefit in every possible way.

Candida albicans is a form of yeast which is present in up to 80% of the population. When kept in check, the presence of Candida can go virtually unnoticed, but when allowed to get out of control, it can be the source of many undesirable issues within the body and can even have an effect on weight gain. Candida Complex is a very effective blend of herbs, enzymes, mushroom extract and probiotics formulated to target Candida: Oregano Leaf Extract: Rich in a number of naturally-occurring compounds including the biocides Thymol and Carvacrol, Oregano Leaf Extract may be beneficial in slowing the growth of yeast cells. Magnesium Caprylate: Wormwood Leaf Powder: Cellulase and Protease: These enzymes are effective against Candida by their actions of eating the cell wall of the Candida cell as well as its protein nucleus. This approach to addressing Candida causes no unpleasant reaction by the body as the Candida cells die off. Reishi Mushroom: This species of mushroom is thought to effective in supporting the immune system as well as providing benefits by its actions against Candida. L. Acidophilus: This very popular probiotic strain is included to help increase and maintain healthy bacteria levels in the intestinal tract especially following the use of antibiotics. Aloe Vera: This remarkable plant is renowned for its many health benefits and is included here for its action in lowering pH levels-Candida needs a more acidic environment to thrive. Black Walnut: This ingredient may be one of the most effective approaches in terms of Candida levels. Anise Seed: Another natural approach to Candida levels and is thought to be effective due to the naturally-occurring antioxidant flavonoids found in this ingredient. Arabinogalactan: This starch-like chemical may be beneficial in helping to increase the levels of healthy intestinal flora as well as the immune system.
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