If you ever feel like your body hovers around a certain number on the scale — no matter how much you clean up your diet[1] or ramp up your workouts[2] — it’s not all in your head. When it comes to weight

Walking[1] tops the list for the most popular physical activities[2] with more than 145 million adults (and counting) lacing up their sneakers[3] regularly; it’s also one of the easiest ways to get your heart rate up[4]. However,

Salad seems so simple[1], and in many ways it is. You mix a bunch of ingredients together — some raw and some cooked — then toss them with your favorite dressing[2]. However, anyone who’s actually made a

The next time you lace up your sneakers, crank up the tunes. Working out to music[1] can increase endurance, improve performance and reduce the perception of fatigue, according to 2020 research[2]. The data showed women who listened

It can be easy to view hunger[1] as a bad thing — and while it’s certainly an inconvenient feeling — it’s as innate as the need to yawn or go to the bathroom. In fact, hunger is a crucial biological

Bodyweight workouts[1] are convenient and effective[2], particularly if you’re working out at home or outdoors without access to equipment. But as you get fitter, your body adapts and gets better at the exercises you’re doing. When you